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U12 Challenge Match

Castlemartyr 04 - 03. Inniscarra 05 - 00

Castlemartyr u12s travelled to Iniscarra on Sunday morning for a 10am throw in. A great morning for a match, sun shining, a calm day and an eagerness to get underway. From the outset, Castlemartyr took control of the match much to the dismay of the opposition. Kate Butler delighted the sideliners by making the first score of the match a goal. It took Inniscarra a while to get a score while in the meantime, Lucy Foley added a goal and a point to Castlemartyr's scoreline. Alannah Newlands added to the tally with her goal just before half time. The Castlemartyr team put in a great performance and continued to show their strengths in the remaining time. Scores were added and the girls got to display their hooking and blocking skills to great effect. Iniscarra came into the game in the second half and managed to get through the Castlmartyr defence scoring enough that their efforts were rewarded when the final whistle blew and the referee declared a draw.

Team: Capt Kate Butler, Ciara O Dwyer, Alannah Murphy, Chloe O Dwyer, Grainne Steele, Aisling Mc Carthy,Millie Bowles,Yvonne Abernethy, Juliet Cahill,Caoimhe Murphy,Lucy Foley, Alannah Newlands.

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