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On a warm and wet Sunday night we made the short journey to Ahavine to play the hosts in the Imokilly Plate final. Weather conditions were far from ideal and at times it was difficult even to see the players from the sideline as torrential rain bucketed down but both teams' spirits were never dampened and they battled hard throughout the game. We saw lots of very good individual performances in all areas of the pitch combined with well practiced interactions and team play. Our forwards wasted very little chances and took their scores well. And equally our defence stood firm and used their strength and experience to quell a lot of the opposition's attacks. A great result from a great team. Well done to all involved.

Full Team :- Ellen Hayes Nally (capt.), Ciara Deane, Aisling Harty, Lucy Horgan, Faye McGrath, Zara Bowles, Grainne Lynch, Caoilfhionn Barry, Mia Burke, Sadhbh Beausang, Aimee Morgan, Alicia Olaniran, Clodagh Mulhare, Lilly Hayes Nally, Lucy Keneally, Ellie Mckenzie, Meadhbh McCarthy, April Cousins & Yvonne Abernethy.

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