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The Camogie Association has recently launched the expansion of the Evolution Series which houses both the Evolution Technical Skill Series, as well as the Evolution Athletic Development Series. This suite of video content is produced specifically for coaches and caters to an array of phases across the recently launched Gaelic Games Coach Pathway.

Across the series, easily accessible visual supports are provided to coaches in the form of games and drill activities, along with the associated coaching cues, all catering towards the player at their specific point upon the Gaelic Games Player Pathway. The Camogie Association will be releasing a weekly video on their social media platforms to highlight each individual skill contained within the series.


The Evolution Video Series can be viewed in full here on the Camogie Association’s website.

The Evolution Technical Skill Series is made up of three overlapping elements, namely Skill Evolution, Game Evolution, and Drill Evolution. These elements emphasise the technical skills of the game of Camogie and provide the viewer with a little inspiration in the coaching of such.


The Evolution Athletic Development Series looks to provide coaches with the cues and practices associated with the development and support of the Camogie player as an athlete. Jump Evolution provides the viewer with essential patterns in assisting the player in jump and landing mechanics. This series branch will continue to develop with a view to supporting coaches in ensuring they are provided with a visual support in how best to facilitate building strong and robust Camogie athletes.

Skills Evolution Series

The Ground Strike

Strike From the Hand




Roll Lift

Jab Lift

First Touch

Block on the Ground

Frontal Block

Overhead Catch



Catching Freestyle


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Camogie drills & skills for children

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